Mundakin is a streetwear fashion blog bringing you the latest styles and trends with an integrated shopping experience featuring exclusive offers and deals.

Our streetwear fashion blog is committed to bringing you visual inspiration to today's style-conscious individuals. It's your online destination to find the latest trends, styling guides and industry headlines alongside editorialized features.

In 2020, we launched our streetwear fashion blog as a way to comprehensively bring together style, brands and commerce in one place. We understand the difficulty with finding rare streetwear styles and pieces and founded Mundakin to ensure that the style-conscious have a place to browse and shop on one platform.

Our creators are consistently working towards building quality content that not only inspires but also contributes to the progression of streetwear in modern society. For your convenience and ease, we divided our streetwear fashion blog into three categories:

  • Outfits: where you will find streetwear looks with expert sartorial vision and further explanation of each uniquely curated outfit.
  • Sneakers: where you will find a curation of classic, timeless, and trendy sneakers and footwear.
  • Posts: A dynamic page with the latest headlines and news for streetwear enthusiasts and the fashion minded.

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Our vision for this streetwear fashion blog was not just to inspire but to bring you the lifestyle. All the fashion editorials and features are optimized so you can shop the styles and find the best discounts. All you have to do is copy the discount code under the product name and description, follow the link to a product page, apply the discount code at purchase.


“Every step & move made with calculations. How effective its going to be, the bad and the good, then we make our decisions. We visualise and see, then said ‘yep that’s the go’. We don’t just decide without thinking out the box.” - Lual