A spotlight on Alistair Fraiser, the up-and-coming European streetwear brand

By Thomas Perry and Munya Jingura

The Streetwear game has been flooded with new brands in the last few years, and it can be hard for those brands to gain the recognition they deserve. However, one of the newest brands that has been able to stand out from the crowd, is Alistair Fraiser.

Started by a 23-year-old streetwear consumer and his dad, who had already spent 20 years in the fashion business, the two had the idea to produce high-quality products at a more reasonable price than luxury brands. Now employing a team of young designers to realize this vision, Alistair Fraiser has racked up over 10,000 followers on Instagram. Otherwise, though, the brand does not give much away in terms of who exactly is behind the clothing brand. And with a human name given to the company, it builds a mystique around who is Alistair Fraiser.

One of the key details about Alistair Fraiser is that it is a European brand, that is based in and produces all of its clothing within the continent. They haven’t specified exactly where they are based or where they produce their clothes in Europe, apart from they seem to source some materials from Italy. But the fact they work solely in Europe still shows Alistair Fraiser has likely kept their business relatively close to home. Of course, there are great factories all over the world, but the benefit of such a practice is that it may make it easier to monitor your products as well as cut down on shipping costs to and from the factory. Plus, its European base allows the brand to cut out any import duties and tariffs to consumers within the EU, a perk that is usually experienced by American customers.

When it comes to clothes, Alistair Fraiser specializes in denim products, cargo jeans, and tops. The brands work with denim particularly has been the most unique. Distressing, tie-dyeing, or painting by hand, Alistair Fraiser sells a huge collection of denim jeans and cargo pants. They have put a lot of thought into developing their signature looks, and you can see that when you take a look at the designs. Their choice to put untreated, dyed, and heavily treated/ bleached denim sometimes on the same piece of clothing, shows Alistair Fraiser fully experimenting with their materials.

In some respects, Alistair Fraiser feels like Off-White (hear me out) in the way it blends high-quality products with everyday street style. With a portion of the production process done by hand, but still released as limited runs, the clothes carry a feeling of exclusivity that is so key to today’s streetwear. A key difference with Off-White, however, is that Alistair Fraiser products are sold at a much lower price.

Alistair Fraiser also seems to be focused on making sure their business is sustainable, particularly environmentally. Currently, 93% of all their materials are sustainable, and 99% of their cotton carry’s the same guarantee.

A noticeable element of the brand is also the level of detail they go into on each products page. An overlooked feature by many streetwear brands, understanding the product you are buying is held dear to a lot of consumers. And it's these little details that will help you stand out, especially when you are selling all of your stock through your online store. With each product having 10+ bullet points detailing its materials and what modifications to the material have been made, it's reassuring of the time and quality of the product you are potentially buying.

Alistair Fraiser is still very new compared to its competitors and is near the start of its journey, but that makes it even more impressive it has already got the buzz it has received. Compared to the usual streetwear store, not much is known about who is behind Alistair Fraiser, but hopefully, as the brand grows, we will start to get the full story of how it has come about. And for that reason, alongside the growing range of carefully curated products the brand is releasing, it will be very interesting to follow their progress over the next few years.

Checkout Alistair Fraiser styled outfits here

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